Eating donuts in my dreams.

Thanks to the internet, there's a lot I can be grateful for. In particular, gifs (I pronounce it like it's spelled, otherwise it's just peanut butter).

Here's a list of some of the awards I've been given throughout my life...summed up by gifs I stole from the Internet. 



Growing up with two older brothers...there should be some award for that.


Christmas, 1995, my elementary school boyfriend gave me a "best girlfriend" award, which included a plaque with my name etched on it. In exchange, I gave him a re-gifted mug and one packet of hot cocoa mix.  


At the age of 8, I won my first....and only 10k. 

...and by won, I mean, I was the only kid running, and therefore I won.


In elementary school, I was crowned the "Queen" of chess, and they called me...

[That part's a lie.]


In college, I was given the superlative, "most likely to marry your country club tennis instructor". 

So, help me live up to my superlative, and hire me. Maybe one day I will join a country club, and then, maybe, I will marry my tennis instructor.


If you're still reading. 

Here's a token of my gratitude.